Hilton Blue Paper - Travel Trends: The State of U.S. Passport Use

At Hilton Hotels & Resorts, we believe in the power of travel and that passport stamps are badges of honor. In this Hilton Blue Paper, we explore Americans’ mindsets when it comes to international travel and putting their passports to use.

Hilton Blue Paper – Travel Trends: The Rise of the Airport Hotel

With more than 8 million people taking to the skies every day, airport hotels are an ever-smarter choice not only for travelers, but for Hilton. That’s why we’ve been introducing next-generation airport hotels around the world from New York to Beijing to Munich with enhanced amenities, design features, dining options and much more. Now, the launch of our new Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has inspired us to conduct a survey of the airport hotel sector by soliciting opinions about a wide range of topics from consumers. In this Hilton Blue Paper, we present the survey’s (sometimes surprising) results, analysis and opportunities they suggest for our industry. The biggest takeaway? Airport hotels are taking off!

Hilton Blue Paper - Resort Travel Trends: What Families Want

Family Guests are a key segment for the global hospitality industry, and hotels and resorts are continually seeking ways to attract and maintain consideration from families. As consumer confidence continues to rise and families plan vacations that are longer and farther from home, hospitality brands must look inward to ensure their offerings are relevant and appealing to parents and kids alike. This study explores top destinations along with the needs and preferences of parents and kids when it comes to family vacations. Additional focus is given to the vacation planning process, today's desirable destinations and the preferred components of an ultimate kids' club experience. The report offers valuable insight from parents and kids - through a survey to more than 1,200 parents in the U.S. and U.K. in June and July 2012 as well as 20 focus groups that separated moms and kids in November 2011 in the U.S., U.K. and China.

Hilton Blue Paper: Emerging Global Spa Trends

It may surprise people to learn that Hilton Worldwide is one of the world’s largest spa providers. Our flagship Hilton Hotels & Resorts brand alone offers Guests more than 190 spas at our properties around the world. We have seen spa become increasingly important to today’s business and leisure travelers who look for ways to relax and renew. As a result, the quality of spa facilities plays a larger role in the decision to book a hotel stay than ever before. To meet this need, our Owners are increasingly looking for concepts that are easy to implement and cost effective yet also meet Guests’ needs across the globe.

Hilton SOAS Blue Paper: How the Rise of Chinese Tourism Will Change the Face of the European Travel Industry - October 2011

With outbound tourism from China growing exponentially, Chinese travellers are fast becoming one of our industry’s major segment growth opportunities. Like so many others, we’re keen to understand how adapting to meet the needs of this new market will affect the European tourism industry for the long term. explores how the consumer definition of a resort has evolved and zooms in on the guest expectation for resort experiences worldwide.

蓝皮书: 中国旅游业的崛 起将如何改变欧洲 旅游业的面貌 10月 2011

随着中国出境游客几何级数的增长,中国游客迅速成为我们行业的主 要发展机会之一。和所有行业从业人员一样,我们急切渴望了解这个 新兴市场的需求对于欧洲旅游行业的影响以及如何应对。

Hilton Blue Paper: Resorts Trends - Summer 2011

With the summer 2011 leisure travel season kicking off and the worldwide economy recovering, I’d like to share some valuable statistics and insights with you. Using proprietary global research, third party data and our global expertise, Hilton Hotels & Resorts offers a view into the resort segment as travelers aim to satisfy their pent up demand for vacations, rest and relaxation. With a portfolio that includes 71 resorts in 26 countries, our brand explores how the consumer definition of a resort has evolved and zooms in on the guest expectation for resort experiences worldwide.

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